Sporadic attempts at getting noticed

I've made a total of two attempts at marketing my app so far. That's pretty poor, in case you were wondering.

I'm trying to think of the reasons for my lack of consistency. I went on a bit of a learning binge from October - December, devouring every piece of knowledge on how to start marketing mysef and my app (There's My Bus!).

I picked up quite a bit in this time. It's pretty amazing how Google has essentially forced people to create great content with their algorithm updates. The best way rank in Google these days to is to write or record stuff people want to consume.

A few of my faves:

I feel like I'm just about grokking how this whole online marketing thing works. But I've failed to implement very much of it. And when January rolled around I found my momentum trailing off. I went from 10-20 hours a week on TMB to around 3.

And the worst part? Aside from marketing, TMB is jut about done (!). For iPhone at least, Android has a few touch-even related things to figure out. All I need to do is package it up and get it to the app store.

But I stalled. Goddammit. I'm hoping that writing this will help to kick myself into gear.

I know what I should be doing. Workflowy (which is a task/list manager that kicks the crap out of everything else - if you haven't tried it, do so!) has a whoole bunch of stuff for me right there. Maybe that's contributing to it? I've been adding tasks faster than completing them lately. It's hard to get that warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment when your tasks grow faster than you can manage.

I hear that's just the way of things when you're running a business. There's always more to do than hours in a day. But there hasn't been much written on how to deal with that when 10 hours of each weekday are unavailable. Perhaps because there isn't much to say - you just have to squeeze in the time whenever you can and perservere. I was doing alright at that for a while there though, I might write about that in the future.

I think the real cause, however, is a basic human flaw that has bitten me in the past. It has it's roots in the fact that, by and large, people tend to avoid doing things they don't want to do. That fact alone, of course, is obvious and not very interesting.

The interesting part comes when we start looking at this assumption: That I wanted to learn how to market then market my app so people buy it and everyone's happy.

It turns out that I don't actually want to do the marketing. Which is also not quite true, because I do want to do it. I want my app to be at least a little bit of a success. I don't mind writing blog posts or telling people about it or commenting on related sites or getting to know writers or any of that.

Or maybe I do. I can't say that I'm really passionate about marketing. It's interesting to learn, but doing? It's not the kind of stuff I like doing.

At least at the moment. Maybe this will change with some practice. One of the great things about getting good at something is that it makes you enjoy it more. Maybe I just need a few little wins to nudge me onwards.

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