All about me

Hi! I'm an Aussie software developer living in Vancouver, BC.

I love working on interesting, exciting, and challenging projects.

If you have something that fits the bill, feel free to drop me a line.

Here's what I can do for you:

Front-end development

Need someone with a pixel-perfect eye for detail?

That knows all those annoying css quirks?

That's on top of all the latest whiz-bangery in Javascript?

That can work with your designers to craft a seamless user experience?

That's me!

Some things I know:

  • HTML5 & CSS3 (of course!)
  • Javascript, including a tonne of libraries such as jQuery and backbone.js
  • iPhone and Android development with services such as Phonegap
  • Responsive Design (resize this window to give it a try)
  • Flash with ActionScript 3 for game development

Back-end development

Need someone to build a web application or API?

That's worked professionally with many different languages and frameworks, on sites large enough to require some beautifully scalable architecture?

Maybe you'd just like someone to share the load of a big project?

That's me too!

More things I know:

  • Python with Django
  • Java with Spring & Hibernate
  • C# with .NET
  • PHP, Perl, Ruby & Bash scripting
  • Nginx, Apache & Windows Server
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL & MS SQL

Complete solutions

Need a website or app developed from scratch?

Would you like to work with someone local and reliable?

That can oversee all stages of the design & development processes, so you don't have to?

...You guessed it!

Some things I'll do:

  • Work closely with you and a designer to deliver your vision.
  • Create a product perfectly suited to your needs...
  • ...and your budget

Here's some of my work

There's My Bus

A mobile app using OpenStreetMap's map data. Designed to be a pleasingly simple way to see the location of your bus.

Check it out

Tyte Paper

As a distributor of paper based products, Tyte wished to add an online ordering system for their customers.

  • The focus of the site is twofold: Firstly to provide a seamless way for customers to place orders, and secondly to direct potential customers to a sales representative.
  • I provided all designs barring the logo. All pages are standards compliant HTML5 & use a variety of CSS3 features.
  • This site contains an elegant, single-page ordering system. This consists of a javascript based frontend and Django backend. Product counts, pallete counts, shipping capacity and price are calculated on-the-fly and readily available while ordering.
  • An interface was created to Tyte's existing inventory/accounting/CRM system to reflect the current status of stock and customers.


GradConnection is an awesome startup from Sydney founded by three New Zealanders. I was proud to help the site grow to become Australia's leading site for graduates seeking work. With Technical Director Michael Casey, we created a kickass site and became incredibly proficient at foosball.

Pengo Fandango

Pengo Fandango is a little flash game written in ActionScript 3.

All graphics and coding are my own, no libraries were used for the game. Thanks to for their font, LeftOvers.

Contains some fun stuff such as:

  • Game engine with smooth controls and collision detection.
  • In-memory sprite sheets automatically generated from flash animations for performance.
  • Custom particle system with object pooling.
  • Challenging enemy AI, based on A* pathing with random elements.
  • Scoreboard integrated with Pengo's sponsor,

Give it a try  

Contact me

Want to chat? I'd love to hear from you

Feel free to drop me a line about anything you like.

If you have a project that you think I might be a good fit for please put as much detail as you can here.

What you're looking for, estimated time and budget for example are incredibly useful.